Update What?

8 Jun

How do you start a blog and never update it?  I’m the queen of that honey, but I’ll make it up to you on Saturday, when I post the first of a series:

The Ignorant Colors of the Rainbow.

Now  I know when most people thing rainbow they’re thinking the clothing store, gay pride, and then Roy  G. Biv, but I’m giving you that red, orange, yellow, etc and I’m going full on.

I’m going to find a green to wear on my lip.  Oh yes ma’am I am!  I’m not talking my MAC Jealous(a sexy green in the bottle, but could be subbed by any neutral with a pink shimmer)either.  I’m talking full on IGNORANT green.

But I digress, because the first color up will be MAC’s Peacocky(Blue).


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