Ignorant Lips – BLUE

24 Jun

Like I told you guys before, I have intentions of coloring my lips every shade of the rainbow.  I could start off with red, but lets be creative and shocking with our first color.  BLUE.  I’m wearing Auto de Blue technakohl liner by MAC and on top of that, I have Peacocky.  Peacocky was a wonderful shade, but it is not for the faint of heart.  If you can’t take the boldness, line lips with a purple liner, and you’ll have a purple/blue lip which will still be unique, but not as show stopping.


With blue eyeliner and about 4 layers of gloss

I would say if you’re serious about wearing this out, make like me and go neutral on the rest of your face.  I’d put maybe a darker color in my eye crease and pump up the eyelashes and call it a day.  Your lips will command all the attention.


One Response to “Ignorant Lips – BLUE”

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