Next Up In Ignorance

27 Jul

Hello Beauties,

So, I’ve been thinking.  In my Rainbow of Ignorant Colors, I still have:








Yes, yes, I’m aware the last two colors aren’t found in anybody’s rainbow.  However white and black are both the absence and presence of all colors, and as such I feel they should be included.  Also, Pink and Brown will absolutely be included in my rainbow of colors.

Next up will be Orange.  I’ll be wearing OCC Liptar in Safety Orange.  I may or may not include other orange products in my possession(it depends on what amplifies the level of ignorance).

Directly from their website, , liptars are purported to be saturated in color, dry down to a satin finish, and never feel heavy.  I can tell you with my use of Anime and Safety Orange that what they claim is absolutely true, plus the liptar smells of mint!

For a preview of Safety Orange, head to the link above.

I’ll post pics over the weekend.

Ignorantly Yours,




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