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Ignorant Lips – INDIGO

28 Aug

Hello Beauties,


It’s been a while, but as I’m stuck in my house after Miss Hurricane Irene came through I have time to post the next color in my Ignorant Lip Series.

The Indigo color I came up with was a work of boredom after work.  I have a tendency to change and experiment with my makeup when I come home.  This lip is created by using dark blue eyeliner(Auto-de-blu), dark purple lipliner(Velvetella) and a deep purple glittery lipgloss(Fab Frenzy Superglass)**All Items From MAC**

Apply the dark blue liner around the lip and feather in.  Apply the dark purple liner to the inside of the lip, making sure to blend with the blue.  Apply the dark purple glitter gloss and below is your finished product: