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Ignorant Lips – ORANGE

1 Aug

OK Ladies,

Next up in the series is, as promised, Orange.  This summer, Orange was an “IN” color for clothes and makeup. I used Safety Orange by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I also lined them with an orange liner from MAC (Temperature Rising)  As I said before this is a mint scented product that is worth it’s weight, because truly, a little dab will do you!  Also, I consider it a neon sort of orange.  I was halfway convinced my lips could glow in the dark!  It’s not for the faint of heart, and as always, if you’re afraid of the orange overpowering your look, go with a neutral contoured eye, a little bit of liner and call it a day!  I haven’t worn Safety Orange much, because it’s not really work appropriate lol. However with these  sweltering days still around, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of weekend use out of it.

Yes, I make silly faces.  Don’t judge me! 🙂


Ignorantly Yours,








Ignorant Lips – Green

10 Jul

Next up in my rainbow of lip colors is Green.  It’s a color that I’ve rarely seen as a lip color; it’s more rare than black and blue.  Because of that I had no proper green lip products to use. I know Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics makes a green lip tar, but as a makeup fan, I had no need of a green lipstick/lipgloss so I never bought it.  I don’t recall any green lip products besides MAC Liquid Lurex(which isn’t green when worn) and Jealous(y?)(which looks pink on the lips).

I’m wearing Minted Eye Kohl, all over my lips, with no base.


MAC Bloggers’ Collection

24 Jun

So as you all know MAC partnered with 9 bloggers, giving them a chance to create their own lipglass/eyeshadow from the ground up.  The collection released a little bit before midnight on the 21st, and I got my shipment last night.


Check out my youtube review:


As I say in the video, I love ALL the things I chose to order.  Today, I’m rocking Afrobella’s All of My Purple Life.   Nitro:Licious has a definite possibility of becoming a holy grail red.  I love how deep it is.  It almost makes Russian Red look orange/coral.  Temptalia’s Jealously Wakes is one of the prettiest, most unique colors I’ve had the pleasure to see.  I have a very terrible tendency to buy things that are easily duped or juts barely different from something else I own.  I can say that I don’t have that issue with this eyeshadow, or with either of the lipglasses I bought.

Leave a comment if you ordered anything and let me know how you like it.

Update What?

8 Jun

How do you start a blog and never update it?  I’m the queen of that honey, but I’ll make it up to you on Saturday, when I post the first of a series:

The Ignorant Colors of the Rainbow.

Now  I know when most people thing rainbow they’re thinking the clothing store, gay pride, and then Roy  G. Biv, but I’m giving you that red, orange, yellow, etc and I’m going full on.

I’m going to find a green to wear on my lip.  Oh yes ma’am I am!  I’m not talking my MAC Jealous(a sexy green in the bottle, but could be subbed by any neutral with a pink shimmer)either.  I’m talking full on IGNORANT green.

But I digress, because the first color up will be MAC’s Peacocky(Blue).

My First Post

29 May

Welcome to my new blog, IGNORANT BEAUTY.


Ignorant Beauty can be a person or thing.  It’s that girl with bright red hair or that chick with the bold purple lip. It’s also that matte orange lipstick that you wouldn’t dare buy but you keep going back to.  Or those falsies that get your lashes to the heavens.


It’s all of that and I’m excited to show you all of my ignorant beauty inspirations.